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Stephanie Bree

Transaction Coordinator & Owner TST

(916) 512-1020 |

Paperwork and deadlines can be overwhelming. Maybe you’ve been trying to expand your business but are constantly held back by the tedious details. Or maybe you’ve just accepted that business is always going to be chaotic, and growth will come.


But don’t sweat it. I’ve managed hundreds of contracts at once, thrive on meeting deadlines and being organized, plus enjoy corresponding with like professionals. You can be sure that I will help alleviate the unnecessary stress for you to focus on what matters: growth.


​I am a mother of four school-aged boys, a wife to a successful entrepreneur, and a person with the ambition to help others. I began my career as a trade show coordinator for an outstanding wine education non-profit, then decided to raise my babies and quit. I felt the need to keep my brain going and started assisting my husband with his real estate brokerage. We found that many agents struggled with the paperwork and deadlines, all the while giving their best effort to win more deals and provide the customer service their clients deserve.


Insert the conception of TST — My ultimate goal is to provide exceptional service throughout your transaction - from start to finish. 

I look forward to possibly working with you. 

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